Pros And Cons Of Exotic Animals
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Exotic animals as pets? If you had an exotic animal such as a tiger, or a bear, of whatever kind of animal you appreciate, then what would you do with it. Let's say it lived in your backyard and you just kept it there, and as it grew up, would you be more and more afraid of it, of would you still act like it was a normal pet. Unless you had an animal like a monkey the next sentence will apply to you. When I was researching information on this topic I found and read this article and this lady who owned a bear and the bear had destroyed her backyard and killed her.

This topic has many sides to this argument. Why we should be able to keep exotic animals that wouldn't be dangerous; we should not be able to because they're dangerous; we should
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Animals such as a monkey, could be accepted because they're less dangerous and they will stay healthy. It also depends on which kind of the more dangerous animals because some can be trained and tamed. The nature part to exotic animals is a big part of their lives. If there in a normal house they will be fed food that they're not used to and not hunt food on their own. They will be more delicate than they usually would be.

Most people say yes to this because they say they can tame a tiger when young be taking care of it like a dog. This is not true for most cases, if you're lucky maybe, but if you go to a zoo and look at all of the more violent animals they're still pretty violent. The only people who should be able to take care of an animal like that would be people who own things like, a huge backyard, giant fences, lots of money, and a personal zoo keeper.

So overall in my opinion, I would not allow people to try to take care, or take care of a wild animal that should only belong in the wild, and their homes should not be tampered with either. People don't realize that if they take these animals out of their homes then they ruin the wildlife around there, and the animals life style. Every argument that l have seen leads to the side that says no to keeping them, will always win. There are multiple dangers to keeping a wild animal at your house, depending on the type of animal, most of them are

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