Pros and Cons of Attending School Online or on Campus

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My Pros and Cons of Attending College Online or On Campus Lavesha Dailey Eng 121

Elizabeth Hoyle July 10 ,2011

Throughout America people often tend to compare things. Some of the things that are being compared are more important to some peoples than the other. I love to compared thing like online schools or on campus schools. These two schools are often compared by the time consuming, less work and may even by the time being able to spend at home. But first the most important thing about these two schools would first be the time consuming. Time consuming is very important when going to school. Going to school online you don't have to work about getting up and getting dress or even finding something to wear. You can simply go to school in your pjs because you are in the privacy of your own home. And you don't even have to worry about being late for class. But on the other hand when attending an on campus college you have worry about all types of things like to get up and get ready for school and also worrying about things such as finding something to wear, combing your hair or making sure that you are on time for school before getting count absent. In other words going to school on campus really takes more effort and time then just simply just going to school online. But another way going to school online is better than going on campus is that there seems to be less work in class to do. Ok, I have notice a lot of things about going to school online and going to school on campus. I personally prefer going to school online mostly because there is less work to be done. I remember when I use to attend Alabama Southern Community College, I was always pack with more things...
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