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Topics: United States, Supreme Court of the United States, Federal government Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: September 12, 2014
There are different forms of federalism, with the amount of component units varying from one country to another. There are fifty units in United States, which is dissimilar in size and wealth. Besides that, different units have different levels of centralization. Federalism can be presidential system or parliamentary system. The US uses a presidential system of federalism. The US Supreme Court is in charge of resolving conflicts between the federal government and its constituent units. Even the US federalist system has numerous benefits, it also has its share of shortcomings (Katz 11). Federalism allows the government sufficient political power, the government's power is subject to restraints to prevent the abuse of that power, and protect the right of individual liberty. Power is broken down into, the portions of which are dispersed to distinct and separate departments. In this way, the executive powers, can be restrained to prevent abuse and allowing national and regional concerns to reach the central government (Bowman and Kearney 25). The system campaigns for rivalry of power between the general and state governments, in which both sides are disposed for checking power usurpations of each other. Besides that, the federalism ensures involvement of American citizens in local governments, which can have educational value. People have prospects of engaging over debates and issues affecting them in a participatory democracy. The people are involved in decision-making, and thus learn from such (Katz 13). Another benefit of federalism is its emphasis of individual rights that engenders a sense of area. The Bill of Rights is in the US Constitution restrains the government on infringement into individual rights. Furthermore, federal states can pass a legislation to test its applicability in the state without presenting any risk to the rest of the country. Representations of legislature are based on people, and have removed the possibility of malapportionment in...
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