Proposed Ban of Ozone-Depleting Aerosol Spray

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Proposed Ban of Ozone-Depleting Aerosol Spray

Fact and Opinion Speech Review

Suzie Student

Course ENG101

June 25, 2010

Matt Copeland

The speech, “Proposed Ban of Ozone-Depleting Aerosol Spray,” describes a five-month study that was conducted in 1974 by a special administration task force made up of a group of scientific researchers who concerned themselves with the dispersion of fluorocarbons. These fluorocarbons were found in most aerosol cans, air conditioners, refrigerators, and industrial productions. When the products employed they floated up into the earth’s atmosphere and turned into chlorine, thus breaking down the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a deep layer in the stratosphere that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation by absorbing them within the oxygen atoms. Not until 1978 did these researchers propose a ban against the release of fluorocarbons into the earth’s atmosphere.

The facts that are supported within the speech are the probable evidence that has been made with experimental devices to monitor the ozone layer. Balloons and a launched satellite have been used by descending up or looking down to measure impoverishes in the ionosphere. These studies estimate that one to two percent of the ozone layer has already depleted and at the going rate an estimated 15% by the year 2007. Persuasive evidence has shown that the amount of ultraviolet rays that can pass through cause’s skin cancer in humans, especially in those who are light skinned. The radiation is also harmful to other living organisms.

In addition to supporting the central idea with facts, opinions are also used. Controversial opinions have been disputed between Harvard professor Michael McElroy and industry spray valve founder Robert Abplanalp. Michael McElroy states that if levels of radiation in the ozone layers were to change, caused by the release of fluorocarbons into the earth’s atmosphere, this would induce a large increase in...

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