Proposals Relation to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, ” 1749, Benjamin Franklin

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In the “Proposals Relation to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia,” 1749, Benjamin Franklin reconciled public service, the benefits of classical learning, and the necessity of practical training for young people in the colony.

Mr. Franklin discussed that knowledge helps to give honor. Not just honor to yourself for knowing what you are doing and talking about but, also an honor for your country to represent them if you were to become a part of office and have to communicate with others outside of country. Not even just to be in office but, to also become a minister or priest for a religion thanks to the studies of religious and civil morality.Thanks to their knowledge the academy will give to them they will be able to help their country in not just honoring them but, helping the citizens in the country. Due to their knowledge they will be able to give the citizens fair amounts of income, fair prices for taxes, and prayers.

The men that will have this knowledge will not only be from a rich background with an abundance of money and high class families. As well as, poor background young men with little money and probably no family at all have a chance to receive an education and help their country. Then after one school is built to help young men, more and more can be built by other men with knowledge and help others get the education they once received.

In this academy the students will learn similar subjects to what the modern day student learns today. Students will be taught the English language by reading some of the best authors in the 1700’s. There was Tillotson, Pope, Cato’s Letters, and etc. should be some of the classics read. They will be taught to write with neat handwriting, swift drawing of arithmetic, accounts… geometry, and astronomy. All of these can count as basic classes to help with any future job the student might want to have/achieve when they graduate. These basic classes can also help with everyday jobs, for example,...
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