Proposal: Target Market and D.a. Garden Supplies

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D.A. Garden Supplies

Management Problem

Problem Statement

Given that D.A. Garden Supplies net profit has dropped steadily over the last 2 years, although gross revenue remains acceptable. D.A. Garden Supplies management must identify possible new sources of revenue, or possible new strategies to increase the revenue coming from current sources. While generating this revenue, costs need to be allocated at an optimal level as well. D.A. Garden Supplies has the potential to differentiate itself in many ways and go in many different directions, so understanding the key target markets will be very important as well as establishing a clear vision as to which direction the business should head to in the future. Background

David and his wife, Alison, have been in the garden supply and nursery business for the last 13 years. David supervises the nursery and the garden supply part of the business, while Alison does the administration and bookkeeping and oversees the landscaping projects. They have two full time gardeners, a part time landscaping consultant and two part time cashiers. Trading hours are

Thu-Fri9am-6pm (summer 9am-9pm)
The business is located in a main road, opposite a small suburban shopping centre that includes a supermarket, departmental store, cafe and 12 speciality shops. About 2 Km down the road is a large Bunning's store.

Five years ago, David and Alison opened a small cafe inside nursery. They have now an additional part time staff member who works over lunch-time and on weekends. About three years ago, cafe has been extended with larger menu, more tables and extended trading hours. Cafe offers now takeaway as well as dine in. A new cafe opened 18 months ago around the corner; this new cafe opens Mon-Fri from 7am-3pm, offering breakfast and lunch. Description of current market efforts

D.A. Garden Supplies is promoting through print advertising, advertisements

on billboards, the Internet (their own individual website, links with search engines as well as links from other portals and vendors) and on radio and TV. It is currently in the process of possibly putting together a Holiday Light show. If this event is proven to be a success this year it will soon become an annual tradition, hopefully bringing in a steady stream of revenue. D.A. Garden Supplies is also focused on promoting their "Friends of D.A." membership program, a local get together.

Consumer Analysis

Identified market segments

D.A. Garden Supplies can serve many market segments because of its food value and entertainment value as well as its natural, historical, traditional and sentimental value. The general consensus among David and Alison is that their target market is local residents. Since D.A. Garden Supplies also take care of people's garden, the target market can be

very broad since families with children can be from any income level. However, that

segment is significantly less of a market than the so-called elitists.

What needs does D.A. Garden Supplies serve

As well as serving many segments, it also serves many customers needs. Customers can visit D.A. Garden Supplies as guest to get food only values. The gardens are open to host elementary and junior high classes to learn about water quality and plants as well as the soil. D.A. Garden Supplies can also be educationally beneficial to the general public. They have many events planned this year such as plant identification, learning about dragonflies and also monarch butterflies. D.A. Garden Supplies can also serve entertainment needs. Visitors of nursery, not only can get entertained at the many various events or daily tours or self guided walk through, but at the same time D.A. Garden Supplies is filling many other needs. Some of these are the need to enjoy the outdoors and get some fresh air, to spend quiet time...
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