Proposal: Provide Virtual College Campus Tours

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Proposal: Provide Virtual College Campus Tours

A virtual college campus tour is a program on a computer where anybody can see the campus without even leaving the home. In the virtual tour it would be as if you are actually walking the campus. It would be convenient for those students who want to see a school out of state. There will be no need to take a long road trip or plane. The school will also save money by having fewer employees to give the tour. There is a large convenience in a college having a virtual tour. Students will be able to see the campus clearly without setting foot on it. It would almost be like the satellite option on Google maps or Earth. The tour will work almost like a video game; you can get around the campus by a click of your mouse. It’s very common even for me where a student has no idea where certain things are in a campus. Even for students that already attend the college would find it convenient to know where they are going in a much more specific way other than an outline map that is not drawn to scale. Many students do not take a on campus tour because of many reasons like the inconvenience. So when they attend their first day, they are lost and confused. Imagine being late to class because the student is in a completely wrong building. A student lost in a big campus while being on a time limit is not very fun. In addition, it might also affect their concentration in class after being late. I know that from personal experience.

In my personal experience with campus tours, during high school I did not have the time or money to travel to a campus for a tour. It would have been nice to be able to see the campus through the computer; especially since the current generation spends the majority of their time online. Having a virtual tour of a college campus would save a lot of money. Booking an on campus tour means you need to drive or take a plane to the campus. There is also the cost of food and other necessities in a place a...
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