Proposal Letter for Thesis

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July 13, 2013

Dear _____________;

Submitted herewith, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for completing our Software Engineering Thesis is our updated plan of study and a proposal for a thesis entitled: One World Montessori Data Intensive and Communication System (OWMDICS). We will be obliged to answer any query that may arise during the evaluation of this proposal. So, we are fervently requesting and hope that you would be kind enough to accept our proposal and oblige thereby.

Team Leader

Member: Signed by:

Noted by:

I. Thesis Title

One World Montessori Data - Intensive and Communication System (OWMDICS)

II. Rationale

OWMDICS will be developed in order to modernize and systematize the entire manual gathering/updating of OWM’s data. It is also a long answered prayer of the personnel in OWM in their real time communication problem. This will help the school cope with the technology used today. And most specially to make their tasks faster, easier and more efficient in their side. Like other schools that already have their own system, school’s information needs to be in a secure storage since most of them are confidential. With such interest, the proponents must successfully accomplish the things required to complete the proposed software.

III. Objective

The primary objectives of the OWMDICS--- beyond the obvious goals of accuracy, stability, and speed--- are: (1) to develop an interactive, user-friendly interface capable of giving the users enough information they need; (2) to keep the website as dynamic as possible so that any modifications anytime are possible even without the developers; (3) to keep those very important files/data in a secure place and will not be affected by whatever natural phenomena may come.

IV. Scope and Limitation

The study will...
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