Proposal Letter

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Proposal Outline

*Project Name: Enrollment System
*Project Manager: Ms Joanna Enriquez/Ms Ma. Cherish Solsona
*Projected Start Date:
*Projected Completion:

Project Description:

Enrollment System is designed to perform the process in school offices involved in Registration, Advising, Assessments, and Payments of students as well as Scheduling of Classes.

Project Objectives:

1. The use of Enrollment System is for School Offices, to help coordinate people and information is increasing throughout the world. 2. It helps them to improve their manual-base system and it will improve more systematic, efficient and easier to access. 3. It will help the staff to minimize their work to serve their student efficiently. Benefits:

Student – who is actually enroll in the school.
* The student not only enrolls in the subject but also can drop any subject. * He/she can also view the lecture schedule or time table of a particular subject. * You need to mention and find out the activities (Use cases), each user can maximum do. Your system should be more reliable and efficient which handles maximum possibilities.

Teacher – who checks the strength and enrolled students in their subject,. * They can also check a particular student’s information. * They can also view their lecture schedule throughout the semester/year.

Admin – who is responsible for administrative task like blocking student’s enrollment due to non-payment of fee or less attendance or any other unfair mean. * Each user need to Login before moving to the enrollment screen. * Similarly, he/she also need to sign out while exiting the enrollment system.

The Purposed GUI is given here. You can also use your own. Login - Login screen used to enter the system. Each user needs to Login to enter the system Enrollment - This screen shows different information with respect to the user.

For example:

* Teacher:
 Name of courses, number of students in each...
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