Proposal for a New System

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My Proposal for a New System
Laura L. Koskimaki
Luvenia (Lisa) Gordon University of Phoenix

Whenever some one thinks of health care, they think of illness, bills, and insurance. Most people do not like going to a doctors’ office or to a hospital because of these three things. An illness can be a scary thought to one who may be carrying the illness. No one wants to find out an illness that may have been found especially if it includes surgery or even death because their life could be ruined in the matter of seconds whether it is a lifetime of surgeries or no life at all. Even bills and insurance sounds scary considering that out economy is in a recession. Not many people have health insurance because they cannot afford to pay for it, they do not make enough. Some people make just over the cut off limit for other health care plans, like Medicaid. No one wants to pay for an outrageous hospital bill considering that an EKG test costs anywhere from two to four thousand dollars. In consideration to our patients scares towards out health care system, I have came up with a proposal that could not only stop them from being afraid of seeing a physician but also help them to realize how important their health is to them and to us.

Our health care system has many health clinics and hospitals that allow the patients to receive a certain amount of care that their insurance could cover. What our health care system does not have is clinics and hospitals that provide the care without a certain limit. At most, hospitals and most clinics, if you do not have insurance or the right amount of money it is hard to receive the right kind of care; which is why the proposal offers hospitals that are hassle free the patients should feel important when visiting a hospital or a clinic. When the outrageous bill or the incorrect treatment is pushed onto the patient because of no insurance, the patient feels less important. This proposal of hassle free hospitals and...

References: My own personal thoughts on this proposal
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