Proposal for a New Soft Drink Advertising Campaign

Topics: Advertising, Coca-Cola, Mass media Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 13, 2013
To: John Smith, CIO of “Sun drinks” company
Subject: Proposal for a new soft drink advertising campaign
Date: 25th March 2010

The aim of this proposal is to suggest some ways of advertising a new soft drink that I found most effective and salutary. It also contains comments on the use of the media, famous personalities and free gifts.

The main reason I have decided to run a competition is that I have a great experience of advertising soft drinks. There are a lot of types of advertisements that will help your company to give a tremendous boost and to reach customer loyalty, but I found TV commercials, distributing samples and outdoor advertising as the most beneficial ones. Moreover, you don’t need to transform your product into a new state or to drive changes in customers, because these ways of advertising techniques will be a competitive medium of benefit to the public and efficient manufacturers.

The most effective ways of advertising
The best way to attain customers’ attention is to use outdoor advertisements such as hoardings, flyers, posters. This absolutely will increase the amount of information available to the potential customers about your product. You can easily interest them by using TV commercials. The benefits of this type of advertisement is that it is targeted to mass audience and concentrates a lot of visual messages that have a direct appeal to the huge amount of people. It is fact that a good advertisement should generate desires that is why I find rather reasonable to organize sample distribution.

Advertising techniques
I would like to stress that using of media is the most salutary nifty trick because customers are really bombarded by the stream of images from media advertising, which helps to exponentially increase the number of buyers and to raise public awareness. Undoubtedly it is difficult to resist a bargain that is why free gifts can be an effective technique in order resort people to...
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