Proposal for New Healthcare System

Topics: Health care, Insurance, Health insurance Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: November 30, 2008
Proposal for New Healthcare System

Today the healthcare system is considered a crisis due to health insurance premiums that have doubled, the high co-pays and deductibles that has threatened some people’s access to healthcare. Many insurance plans have limitations to which doctors are covered in the healthcare plan, and how many days that are spent in the hospital and this is causing the some to be responsible for the financial burdens after the insurance companies pay their portion. There are millions of Americans that are not insured due to the skyrocketing cost and this includes children who are lacking insurance and healthy lives. There are also many Americans that work, and they still go uninsured and unhealthy because of the costs. I am proposing a plan for a new healthcare system that insures everyone at an affordable rate, continuous coverage when switching jobs and widening the number of doctors in the plan and the number of days one may spend in the hospital.

The healthcare system continues to rise in cost with the new technology that continues to be advancing; this is one of the reasons that costs are not affordable to many. The new vision for this, new healthcare system allows health care to be affordable for every working individual, which co-pays will be decreased, low affordable premiums according to the pay of each individual employee, and deductibles that do not inhibit the individual coverage. This plan also involves allowing small businesses to have affordable coverage and offer affordable plans to their employees. Those who are working individuals whether they are part-time employees or full-time: they will benefit from having an insurance plan at an affordable rate. This plan does not have any existing disadvantages, and there are no certain populations that are disadvantaged to the program because there is going to be an affordable plan for all working individuals, and this will allow more people to be covered. If this new...
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