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2.1 Evenesis Enterprise Features5
2.2Evenesis Server and Hosting Requirements7
3.1Evenesis Enterprise Package8
3.2Deployment Timeframe8
3.3Evenesis Subscription Fee8
3.5Customizations and Enhancements9
3.6Data Migration/Data Entry9
3.7Annual Maintenance9


Majlis Sukan Negara or MSN has highlighted the challenges faced when organizing staff trainings and corporate events, and managing the following processes:

* Event (Trainings & Courses) Planning and Overall Management * Staff/Contacts Management
* Send Event Invitations & Online Training Registration * Floor Plan Design & Seating Arrangement
* On-the-Day of Event Management including Event Registration & Coordination * Post-Event (Trainings & Courses) Evaluation and Reports

The majority of the processes are conducted manually on paper or using an excel file. For example, list of guest is currently kept and tracked using a spread sheet that is hard to monitor and coordinate. Event invitations are currently sent via official letters and cards. The time to produce the invitation letters and cards is lengthy due to manual intervention and the use of mail merge. Floor plans are mainly drawn and designed on papers while surveys are conducted manually with hundreds of papers that require the staff to analyse and prepare variety of reports after the event. The fact that the data are not centralized without a proper backup practice makes the risk of losing valuable information and organization knowledge higher. Therefore, Y Us Sdn Bhd or Y US would like to propose an end-to-end Event Management Software called Evenesis to solve these challenges and increase the value of MSN’s corporate events. In short, Evenesis value proposition is to

* Reduce time spent on certain event processes
* Reduce man power, resources and overall event cost
* Manage events in real time
* Provide real time dashboard and reports for the management

Y Us proven architecture and design capability ensures the optimal match between available technologies and business needs. Our iterative prototyping approach and flexible methodology ensure appropriate involvement of business people and pave the way for rapid systems acceptance. Our real world experience with internet/intranet, distributed database, remote communications and workflow applications results in a quality, maintainable and extensible solution that protects MSN investment over time.


Evenesis was developed in Microsoft.NET technologies. The entire system will run on a cloud/central server that is hosted and provided by Y Us. The site is also accessible via most commonly used web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

2.1 Evenesis Enterprise Features

Y Us would like to propose the use of Evenesis Enterprise software for MSN to manage their events specifically the trainings and courses for MSN staff and personnel. The following are the features of Evenesis Enterprise:

a. Login - Authentication and Authorization

* Prevent unauthorized user from using the system
* Differentiate users based on roles or job scopes (e.g. Head of HR or Corporate Events- full access while the Staff can use some features based on his or her access)

b. Manage Event

* Create unlimited number of events with different event types such as conferences, exhibition, opening ceremonies, product launches, press conferences etc. * Create free, public or paid events

* Manage the ticket prices or event pricing tiers such as early birds,...
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