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Proposal essay
While walking down a city street, alarming cries for help ring out through the air, and it is observed that an individual that appears to be living well has a helpless, poor victim held down, relentlessly beating them to the ground and taking what little they have left for their own advantage and benefit. What would be the right thing to do; run away or try to help, either by stepping in or calling the proper authorities? The morally ethical thing to do would be to help and do what has to be done to stand up for what is right. This same general scenario is happening not too far from this country, where organ brokers are victimizing innocent and poverty-stricken mothers and fathers trying to find a way to provide and get out of debt, by either forcing or deceiving them to give up an organ or cheating them whether formally or informally, after they agree to sell, by either not paying them for their organ at all or only paying a fraction of the promised price (Glaser, S.,2005). But the way that nobody tries to help is the same as walking by that same victim that is being beaten on the street. These poor victimized sellers that are turning to that option, unfortunately are completely ignorant to and uneducated on the process, certain organs in their bodies, or any of the functions or importance of those organs which leaves them wide open to exploitation. Therefore, my proposal is to find a way to stop these horrible things from happening to the potential and desperate sellers, by educating them, giving them other means that help both those who are seeking financial gain by selling, and those who desperately are seeking an organ to survive, and eliminating them from the black market organ brokers’ manipulation and exploitative grasp.

It is respectfully understood that the World Health Organization (WHO) is strongly against any payment for any type of organ donation for a number of moral, ethical, and medical reasons (Denneman, L., Mol, M. 2009). For instance, as stated in the WHO’s Guiding Principles on Human Organ Transplantation (1991), “organ trafficking violates fundamental human rights, such as rights to life, liberty, security in person and freedom from cruel and inhumane treatment”(Glaser, S. 2005). Furthermore, it may be a risk to the public in addition to being a crime that, in this particular case, proves to be a conspicuously offensive violation of human rights, because the forcing and misleading of someone into selling their body parts violates their personal independence (Glaser, S. 2005). Moreover, safety standards in these areas are severely undermined due to the lack of resources, weak medical regulatory foundation, and corruption; therefore, if there were to be a legalized method of organ buying and selling, the regulatory structures and system would be ineffectively executed (Denneman, L., Mol, M. 2009). So, one can empathetically concur with the WHO’s decision to stand firm on the banning.

Anthropologist, Monir Moniruzzaman, found 33 sellers who went to organ brokers to sell their kidneys, not even knowing what the word “kidney” meant nor what its purpose and functions in the body were, and were talked into doing it because of the misleading, false information they received of their “sleeping kidney” and the 100% safe procedure that had no risks and would cause no long-term harm or damage to them; then were promised over two thirds more than they actually received (Moniruzzaman, M. 2012). These people, who lived on only $2 per day to provide for a family and lived in the worst imaginable impoverished conditions, some in a crawl space located under someone else’s house (Bienstock, R. E. 2013). They see thousands of luring ads in local newspapers, promising them the world, and out of fear, hope, and desperation reach out to the organ brokers and get sucked into consenting and at times physically forced to donate (Parry, W. 2012). If there were a strictly regulated legal system with fixed...
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