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Topics: Privacy, Airport security, Transportation Security Administration Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: May 5, 2013
College English Workshop Essay #1 Proposal Essay
Instructor Name: Nicholas T. Papas
Date : 5/3/2013
You may probably have or hear from someone's experience of going through the long and annoying procedure of security check in the airport before starting your journey. After the 911 attacked, the US airports have introduced strict and complex security measures. Since then, grumbling has been widespread along with the concerned of individual's privacy. Although it is reasonable that the T.S.A (Transportation Security Administration )considers the safety of a country is the top priority, I might wonder who could approach these passengers to fight for their privacy. In this research study, I will point out some invasion of privacy issues in U.S which related to the aviation security as well as the possible concerning problems.

Passengers might be offended because they feel insulting or humiliated when they go through the body scanner which produces a clear naked image to the security staff. All the people in the US airports have to pass through the scanners. This allow the safeguards to know whether the passenger carry any dangerous weapons. In addition, some people are randomly selected to go through the scanner while others be placed to pat-downs again. These improper way of examination violate venerate and dignity of people.

Passenger Profiling is another controversial issue. This indicates that the security staffs would pick out certain travelers for further check simply because of their religion ,race or appearance. Nevertheless, it is extremely invade an individual right to privacy despite the fact that those people are outsiders. It has been arguing that in what extent can protect the security of its nation while still allowing their rights of the individual.

However, those who proponent the precise body scanner would be willing to

protect themselves from being harm and tolerate invasions of their privacy....
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