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1.1 Company Background
Early 1980, parents who do not have any Islamic education background realized the important of Islamic education for their children. During that day, most parents from Kajang and Bangi they send their kids to Tadika Maria located in Kajang, hence that kindergarten does not providing any Islamic education for the kids. Some other kindergartens were operated not only to educate the kids, but their main target is more to generating revenue and most of them are managed by non-Muslims. Tadika Khalifah Bestari (TKB) started their business on 1986 as Tadika Al-Falah. The reason why they chose the name is because they shared the same building with Surau Al-Falah as their first premise. Their early days started with only a few students. Tadika Al-Falah was located in Seksyen 6, Bandar Baru Bangi and was managed by a few mothers work as volunteer. Their teachers and headmistress are working without receiving any payment. Tadika Al-Falah were sharing the same building with Surau Al-Falah for about 4 years, until 1989 the management decide to rent a corner lot terrace house at Jalan 6/3 Seksyen 6, Bandar Baru Bangi. The management was register with Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) with the name Tadika Furqan. As a requirement for the registration, Tadika Furqan was managed by Flora Selayang Sdn Bhd and the board of director of the company also involve in managing the kindergarten without receiving any payment. Each year the numbers of students have been increasing. On 2003, the kindergarten management decided to rent another premise-bungalow at Desa Al-Amin Kampung Sungai Tangkas because of increasing demand towards pre-school service. In their beginning day, they started with only 8 students. In the mean time they change their business to Tadika As-Syams. Moreover, the management also has been changed to Khalifah Bestari Sdn. Bhd. The new management manages the Tadika Furqan, Bandar Baru Bangi and Tadika As-Syams, Desa Al-Amin. On 2009, the management decided to close Tadika Furqan, Bandar Baru Bangi in order to make the management easy to monitor the kindergarten operation.

1.2 Introduction of Project
On every beginning of the year, admin of the Tadika Khalifah Bestari will face common and time consuming problem: deciding on what class and which teacher would be ideal for each of the students for one the whole year. Commonly, registration process require a lot of time. The parents would have to receive registration form from the admin office, and then they need to fill the students and parents information and send back to the office for registration. In the mean time, the staff would manually key-in the information in the registration form into the Microsoft Excel. Not all the information being stored in the Microsoft Excel. Only students name, class, and type of fee are being stored. When it comes on deciding class for each student, the staff will assign each student in each class manually. It require a lot of time. The staffs also will face problem at the end of each month. When parents came to pay for the fee, the admin have to view manually the data they kept in Microsoft Excel what type of fee that not being settled yet. After the payment has been made, admin will record the payment in the log book. Moreover, they also use traditional method on producing receipt. In this era of globalization where the technology is became human-need especially in business. The main objective for this project is to utilize the advantages of system to solve the problem that the company is facing for these whole years. Developing this system will provide the following benefits to the management: • Provide better service for the user

• Improve efficiency on decision making
• Friendly-use of interface
• Flexible to change according to the required function • Easier to maintain
• Simple testing and analysis
• Reduce risk of losing data
The purposed...
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