Proposal by Health Club on the Activities for Arousing

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You are the chairperson of the newly established Health Club in school. Seeing that many students are not aware of the importance of a clean school environment even after the threat of SARS, you have been asked to write a proposal to the Principal suggesting two or three activities to arouse students’ awareness of this topic. Your proposal should include an explanation of why the cleanliness of the school is important for students.

Health Club
the Activities for Arousing students’ awareness of a Clean School Environment

A. Introduction
After the threat of SARS, mostly people become more aware of the environmental cleanliness and also their self-cleanliness. However, students in our school still neglect the cleanliness of the school environment. In order to solve this problem, I suggest the school should hold some activities to arouse the Awareness of this topic. My ideas are as follows: B. Suggestion

I. Inter-class Classroom cleanliness competition
The inter-class classroom cleanliness competition will be an effective way to arouse students’ attention about the cleanliness of the school environment. Students will need to clean their own classroom and during the competition, they can arouse their awareness of this topic and help to create a good and healthy learning environment for their school life. The competition can be held in many ways. For example, teachers will give a mark for the class after each lesson .Also marks will be deducted if students didn’t follow the instruction of the competition. The marks will be collected and recorded for every semester. The class which has the highest mark in total will be award a trophy and prices. II. Inter-class Drama competition

Besides a practical way for arousing the awareness of students’ cleanliness, a more interesting way is needed. As students in our school are keen on performing dramas, I am sure this will be another effective way to promote the...
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