Proposal About Spain in an International Festival

Topics: Andalusia, Spain, Seville Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Mercedes Cuerda Gutiérrez
3º Lic. Humanidades
English III
Writing: Proposal

This proposal explains my suggestion for our country’s participation in the next International Festival in London.

Spain has one of the richest national histories of all the World. It has been populated and inhabited by so much different civilizations like Greeks, Romans, or Arabians. Spain has also a very complete and unique culture, and a important example is the flamenco music and dance, that make Spain so famous. Firstly, I suggest to show a short review of the civilizations that have been in Spain in a documentary. That way, the visitors will be able to know the origins and influences of Spain and understand why is that now. Secondly, I recommend a flamenco live performance, with professional dancers, guitarists, and singers. Spectators could enjoy it and also learn how to dance flamenco, and participate in the show.

Besides , it is so characteristic of Spain it leisure culture, that further enhances the beauty of the country. Spain has an incredible number of different landscapes and offers infinite activities to do. But I would emphasize specially the Spanish bars with their typical and delicious foods and drinks, and the nice people that we can find in those bars. What I suggest, is show some videos and photos so visitors can make an idea about how is having a stroll around the different Spanish cities. We could also present a typical cook exhibition, with cookers and products of the wide range of Spanish regions, so visitors could taste our refined gastronomy.

My proposal wants to present the most attractive aspects of Spain, and give a good, but also a real image of Spanish culture, to make the visitors to be interested on our country and they want to visit it. I hope you like my proposal and suggestions, and it meets with your approval.
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