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To: Dr Fehler
From: Bobby Brown
Re: Proposal Project

Dear Dr. Fehler,

For my audience I have selected Jerry Pace, President of The Texas Exchange Bank for this proposal. The reason I have chosen Mr. Pace is because he has the mean necessary for me to finance my proposed business. I plan on giving a presentation along with a power point to Mr. Pace and his loan officer. The graphics I created myself are, the traffic flow for the different bakeries in the Burleson area.

Thank you,

Bobby Brown

1001 Cupcake Ave.
Burleson, TX 76028

Jerry Pace
President –Crowley Division Business Center
Texas Exchange Bank
109 N. Crowley Rd
Crowley, TX 76036

Re: Business Proposal

Dear Jerry Pace:

I am submitting a proposal of my business plan to open a new Great Bakes Bakery in the growing town of Burleson, at 3509 Southwest Wilshire Blvd. A new bakery is needed in this growing town to accommodate all the festivities that are organized by the city of Burleson and other businesses.

Since I have lived in Burleson all my life, Wilshire is the main thoroughfare and great location to open a new business. People living in Burleson, Joshua and Cleburne areas travel down Wilshire to get to I35 or to return home. Research shows that Wilshire is a heavily traveled road with a count of 30,000 cars a day. I’m excited to serve the people of Burleson and the surrounding towns to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you, to discuss in more details my proposal. Your consideration for approval on a loan to open my new bakery would be greatly appreciated.


Bobby Brown

Enclosure, Proposal & Business


Burleson, Texas

Great Bakes Bakery
December 2, 2012

Proposal to Open Great Bakes Bakery
at 3509 SW Wilshire Blvd.
in Burleson, Texas


Bobby Brown

Jerry Pace
Texas Exchange Bank
President-Crowley Division Business Center

Table of Contents

Table of Figures 6

Executive Summary 7

1. Introduction 8

2. Problem 9
-Traffic Flow

3. Objectives 11

4. Solution 11

5. Method 11

6. Resources 11

7. Schedule 13

8. Qualifications 14

9. Management 16

10. Costs 16
- Projected costs for one year of business

Image and Photo Citations 17

References 18

Table of Figures

1. Traffic Flow Chart 10

2. Schedule Timeline 14

3. Projected Cost Chart 16

Executive Summary

I love to bake all kinds of sweets; I know that my love for baking will help me to succeed in opening and operating a bakery that will satisfy anyone that has a sweet tooth. In Great Bakes Bakery, you can choose from breads, muffins, pies, cakes, and much more, so much more it will be a place to come that you can try a new product every day and not have the same thing.

With this new opportunity there are many steps that must be completed in order for this business to open and succeed.

Set up and establish a budget

Lease a store front space to open my bakery ($3,000/a month)

Purchase all equipment and supplies

Layout and design of bakery

Hiring and training of employees

Advertise and open

To accomplish the necessary steps for opening a bakery, I will need to borrow an estimated $157,000.00. I will use this amount open up a bakery and as working capital for the...

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