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Proposal Assessment Process & Need Statement
Princess Childs
March 25, 2013
Jennifer Albrecht

Proposal Assessment Process & Need Statement

Children have been abused and neglected in the past and it is still going on now. This has become a well known problem. “According to NCANDS whose latest statistics are for 2005 an estimated 3.3 million referrals of child abuse or neglect were received by public social services or CPS agencies. Of these referrals, 899,000” kids “were confirmed to be victims of abuse and neglect” (Child abuse statistic, 2013). This means that around “12 out every 1,000 children up to age 18 in the United States were found to be victims of abuse and neglect of maltreatment in 2005 (Child abuse statistic, 2013). However, children that are victims of abuse and neglect are taken from their parents or caregivers and are placed in child protective services (foster care or other protective programs). These children grow up traumatized which they feel like there is no hope for them. Our goal is for our clients to be active valued participants at home, school, work, and in the community but, we need additional resources to ensure that all our clients receive the benefits that IAG has to offer (Individual Advocacy Group, 2013).

Individual Advocacy Group (IAG) is a not-for profit organization with the mission to provide a full array of quality, outcome-based, functional and age appropriate person and community centered services and support for individuals in Illinois with disabilities (developmental, emotional, and neurological) and DCFS wards, while providing support and solace for their loved ones (families). IAG provides services for many individuals that have developmental disabilities (autism, mental health, emotional behavioral diagnosis, brain injury) and DCFS wards (of the state/ 18-21 range of impairments, ranging from developmental disabilities to mental illness as well as abuse and neglect) (Individual Advocacy Group, 2013). The services provided are CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement), Intermittent CILA (Capability of living independently but still requires some services), Home based Services (HBS), Traumatic Brain Injury Program (TBI), Transitional Living Program (TLP/DCFS wards), Post-Adoption Mentoring (for DCFS wards adopted into families), and Ticket to work (employment program for individuals with disabilities) (Individual Advocacy Group- Programs, 2013). Since 1995 Individual Advocacy has provided these services for our clients in over 25 different counties throughout the State of Illinois (Individual Advocacy Group, 2013).However, since the recession it has been difficult for Individual Advocacy Group to provide clients with the proper help that they need. The DCFS wards ages 18-21 (that were victims of child abuse and neglect) Transitional Living Program is one of the programs that has been affected by this.

Individual Advocacy Group is in need of funds and donations to continue our mission in helping our clients meet their basic physical and emotional needs for whatever reason that can’t be met without outside assistance. Individual Advocacy Group is known for providing clients with the best services that they require. Having to cut back on services is not an option because, the clients that we provide for is in much need (their future depends on it/certain services). In order for Individual Advocacy Group to continue our services and implement new services that meet our target population needs our agency requires donations and grants that are above and beyond the current needs. Individual Advocacy Group is requesting these funds because our clients’ future depends on it.

In addition, to our services funds are also needed immediately to continue provide counseling, budget planning (manage their money and maintain residency), education/tutoring, job training, life skills, personal hygiene, clothes, and food for our clients in the Transitional Living...

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