Prophet Muhammed Saw

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Mecca on Monday, Rabi-al-Awwal 12, 53 BH, or December 9, 571 AD, 50 days after the attack of Abrah, the ruler of Yemen, with his army of elephants on Ka'aba (as described in Holy Qura'n in Surah Feel -- Chapter Elephant). He belonged to the clan of Hashim. Banu Hashim was a noble branch of the prestigious and influential tribe of Quraish. His father had died before his birth. He was nursed by Sobia and then by Halima Sadia, with whom he stayed for four years.

When he was six-year-old, his mother Syeda Amna fell sick and died in Abwa, near Madina (then Yitsrab). She was buried there. His grandfather brought him up for two more years, until he also died. Orphaned three times at the age of eight, he went to live with his uncle, Abu Talib.

He travelled to Syria to trade on behalf of Hazrat Khadija (R). He did good business. Hazrat Bibi Khadija (R) was informed about his honesty, personality, and his business acumen, she was very much impressed. Consequently, she proposed marriage and he accepted her offer. He married her when he was 25 years of age and she was 40.

Since His early age, He remained pensive and withdrawn in temperament and always displayed an acute moral sensitivity. He avoided all kinds of luxuries, lust and whatever may fall in the purview of bad habits. He never lied, never even touched any sort of intoxicants, or passed near any game of chance. As a traditional brave and noble Arab, he was forced to take part in tribal wars but never had any one killed by his hands rather he opted for other difficult tasks like helping the injured or removing them to safer places. In his ordinary routine, he preferred to be alone and used a cave in nearby mountain called Hira for contemplation and meditation under the faith given by Prophet Abraham. He sought seclusion so as to reach the Divine Presence of Almighty Allah. In view of such qualities, the Arabs rightly knew him as the Truthful and Trustworthy (As-Sadiq Al-Amin).

When he was 35 years of age, the Quraish tribe was renovating the Ka'aba -- the House of Allah. A dispute arose among them as to who should place the sacred Black Stone (Hajr-e-Asswad) in its place. The dispute among them heightened to a fierce proposition, when an aged man, taking the cognizance of the situation, advised them to put off the matter for the next morning and leave it to that whoever enters the Ka'aba precincts first and ask for his mediation. On next day, the first one who entered the Ka'aba was Muhammad (PBUH). He (PBUH) then resolved the dispute amicably by asking all the tribal notables to join hands to carry the Hajr-e-Asswad near its place and then he (PBUH) himself lifted the stone and fixed it in its place. Hence, a fierce battle among Arabs was avoided.

In Hira, there appeared to him the Arch-Angel Gebriel asking him to declare himself as the Messenger of Allah. (Sal-al-Allah-o-Alaih-e-was-Sallam). Since then he preached Islam. Allah Exalted revealed upon him the Final Book, the Holy Qura'n. For 13 years the Prophet (PBUH) stayed in Mecca, calling the people to Allah's religion, preaching the belief in one transcendent but personal God, the last judgment, and social and economic justice. Allah, he asserted, had sent prophets to other nations throughout history, but, having failed to reform themselves, those nations were punished and perished by Allah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) proclaimed the Qura'n revealed upon him by Allah, to be the last revealed Book and himself to be the last of the prophets, consummating and superseding the earlier ones.

In public the Prophet (PBUH) gave guidance needed for daily life and in private he used to give the special advice needed for attaining the state of Ihsan (perfect good character). That is why Abu Huraira (R) said in an authentic Hadith mentioned in Bukhari, "The Prophet (PBUH) has poured into my heart two kinds of knowledge: one I have spread among people and the other, if I was to disclose...
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