Prophecy of the sisters

Topics: Science fiction, Good and evil, Elias Koteas Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Prophecy of the Sisters
1. An ancient prophecy divides Alice and Lia Milthorpe, who are recently orphaned twins due to a series of strange events. In the first book of the series, Michelle Zink writes Lia as the narrator of the book, while reading you learn how she wakes up with an usual tattoo-like mark on her wrist and then uncovering an ageless book in her father's library that she finding out to be oddly similar to the recent events in her world that is unfolding, these are the first clues that a dark force is present and her life will be changed forever. Alice and Lia were always close, but after her father’s death Alice seemed strange and distant, sneaking around the milthorpe manner. It is soon realized the two have become enemies due to the prophecy, one good and one evil. The setting and world of the book seemed very realistic and interesting to me, the way the author incorporated literary themes into the unrealistic areas of the book made it hard to put down! The twin sisters are not your typically good versus bad twin, “only time will tell who is the guardian and who is the gate” (98) which gives it a certain mystery element that gets you captured. You get sucked into this world where what you think you know, is not what you really know. Is Alice the good twin or is Lia? While the two are battling to either close the Gate forever or release the beast and all the lost souls from other traveling worlds you you get a taste of good versus evil and you find yourself despising Alice and rooting for Lia, who has “never denied her sister to be careless, self centered, even spiteful, but it never occurred to her before the prophecy that she might actually be cruel.” (132) As they discover their true roles in the prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other, Lia has a choice to make, save herself or save everyone around her that she loves. As she races to end the prophecy before her sister does the anticipation only builds, despite the...
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