Property of the Clan

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- To what extent is “A property of the Clan” a realistic play? - In your answer provide examples from the text and refer to techniques

A property of the Clan is a realistic proportional of young Australian culture. The under age drinking, the slang and swearing, the biff and the beach going life is all features of Australian youths. It also shows the gender differences in Australia.

Nick Enright the playwright of ‘A Property Of The Clan’ uses many techniques to portray the youths of Australia in his play. He uses swearing often to show the speech of the male gender in particular, and their attitudes towards the females. For example they frequently refers the female character in the book Tracy as a fucken mole, a horny bitch, the little slut in town. These all refer to Tracy is a derogatory manner and shows the males think that she is just an object.

Through out his play Nick Enright brings up the issue of teenage drinking. The drinking is throughout the whole book and there are always parties going on during the play. He out in stage directions of the characters to so that there is beer involved ‘[he sees the cans]’

The use of stage directions give the readers an idea of what is happening at the current time during the play. Nick Enright also uses slang throughout is play and swearing. The swearing is always usually directed at tracy or glen. In scene eighteen jared calls Rachel ‘ stuck up bitch’ and the derogatory words and swearing continue throughout the play.

In the play ‘property of the clan’ nick Enright uses techniques very effectively to make the play a realistic play. The stage directions also make the play realistic.
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