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In order to develop Realtors as a Real Estate company, a task was assigned to propose a plan for a Property Management department which is set to be opened in Realtors Czech Republic. This plan, if accepted, would possibly be established in other Realtors international branches in Spain and Slovakia. To accomplish this assignment, I held a thorough research and constantly re-designed and perfected my proposals, about five weeks in total. This memo presents the finalized design of the department, consisting of data on the development of the department, an organizational chart, job titles (specifications and descriptions), office design, procedures and monitoring options, as well as possible problems that will be encountered and solving methods.

1 – General information about Realtor
1.1– Mission Statement
"We seek to provide high quality client care in the Real Estate field based on high standards of ethics and values, whilst providing a work environment that promotes development of personnel."

1.2– Goals and Objectives
•To be fully honest with our clients regarding any financial and /or quality standard issues of the different properties. •To care for the client's needs through utilization of our skilled employees. •To develop and advance our staff.

1.3– Legislative Constraints
•Always act according to the law, in a professional, ethical and legal manner. •Strict stance concerning discrimination based on sex, race, religion, age and/or disability. These will not be tolerated. •All projects/developments/operations must be carried out within consideration of the environment and the health and safety of employees and clients.

1.4– Values
•Encourage teamwork between employees.
•Show full respect and understanding to our clients and employees. •Be as open as possible.
•Be committed.
•Strive for excellence.
•Meet our set goals.

1.5– Policies
•Dress code policy.
•Employee development and training.
•Performance evaluation.

1.6– The importance of employee consultancy within Realtor An organization is defined as "a structure through which individuals cooperate systematically to conduct business" (, 2006) . In order for all operations and tasks to be achieved properly, employees must cooperate in order to overcome both expected and unexpected obstacles. This can only be done if workers consult each other through the different tasks they are assigned. It is important that consulting between employees takes place so that employees can work together for the common purpose of the company.

2- General outline of the Property Management department
2.1– General Information
•The Property Management department takes care of three different kinds of estates: oCommercial complexes – offices.
oBuilding complexes – apartments.
•The customers have purchased their property (there are no rent procedures involved). •After a client has purchased a property, Realtor provides insurance for the estate in case a client encounters any defects or problems. It is the department's main job to take care of these problems.

2.2– Services the department will provide
2.2.1Advertising Property:
•Apartments which are not sold.
•Offices which are not sold.
•Mall – for future clients .
2.2.2Day to day maintenance and operations of properties:
•General property improvement.
•Responding to unexpected problems within the different units. 2.2.3Consultancy:
•Advising future clients on possible properties.
•Providing a business plan
•Market research.
•Building selection.
2.2.4Project/Building management and development:
•Strategic decisions.
•Administrating construction.

2.3– Outsourcing
Since Realtors provides insurance to all properties which are sold, the Property Management department will take care of problem solving within these properties. Some of these problems may include: •Lack of heat / air condition.

•Lack of water.
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