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The play “A Property of the Clan” written by Nick Enright is based on a true story and was first published in 1994. A play is written to be performed whereas a novel is written to be read. The target audience of this play is teenagers, to inform them about the dangers of labeling and stereotyping people based on appearance. The other message that the playwright is trying to convey is that if you are not prepared to act and stop something from happening then you are equally to blame.

Dialogue is pivotal to any play, driving the action and bringing characters to life.

Offensive language was used to good effect to match the violent event of rape and murder. This sort of language would be expected in this scenario. If there was no graphic language then the play would not be realistic. Ricko: “She was up for it. She was always horny, mate, a horny bitch. She was always a bloody moll” shows what kind of person he is and gives him a “bad boy” image. This sort of language tells us that Ricko does not have much respect for woman and did not respect Tracy at all.

Anonymous voices were used in the play to show how rumors are spread in the school yard. By using anonymous voices the playwright is trying to get the message across that you should not always believe rumors. Voices: “it was a psycho from the hospital, they reckon” the use of “they reckon” shows that the information is hearsay. Another interesting thing that the playwright has done is to not give Tracy, the victim a voice. He has done this to show how we judge someone just from their appearance or what other people have said about them. This section of the play shows how Tracy was judged.

Ricko: I never would have picked you and her (Tracy) for friends. Jade: Why not?
Ricko: I just never would have picked it. You weren’t her type. Jade: What type was she?
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