Proper Procedures for Production Schedules and Risk Management

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May 3, 2013

Proper Procedures for Production Schedules and Risk Management

In the United States Army Food Program there are specific ways to fill out and prepare documents according to AR 30-22, The Army Food Program. These procedures are outlined in the Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 30-22, Operating Procedures for the Army Food Program. This paper will advise the proper way to document the required items on a Production Schedule as well as completing a Risk Management Data Log – Cooking and Serving as summarized from DA PAM 30-22.

DA Form 3034, Production Schedule is a document used to outline the specific products to prepare for a meal. Each meal for the day will have a separate completed Production schedule and set of Risk Data Management Logs. A Production Schedule will be prepared despite the size, or environment, weather that be in garrison or in a field environment. When filling out a DA 3034, it should be clearly understood by any cook personnel. Within the DA Form 3034, Production Schedule are 16 data categories or columns. Columns 1 through 6 pertain to the location and meal, the columns include the date and hours of the meal as well as the unit and projected headcount for that meal. Columns 7 through 14 informs the reader of the product including the person assigned to that product and when he or she should start, how many portion to prepare, and the recipe number in witch to follow when preparing that product. After the meal the shift leader would then fill in columns 12 and 13 regarding how many portions were actually prepared during the meal and how many portion discarded or leftover for a following meal. There is also a column to specify all if any special instructions, for example any added ingredients or specific details on how the manager wants that product to be prepared. Leftovers or discards should be entered immediately after the meal is completed. These items should be filled out...

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