Proper Procedure for Shampooing Hair

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Proper procedure for Shampooing Hair
The introduction is the most important thing when it comes to your clients. Your introduction is what will draw your clients into you. Its what will make them want to go to you, for their hair. To start off you want to make sure you are very friendly and inviting. You want to make sure that they feel very comfortable around you, and you want to make sure that they can trust you. To start off, you need to make sure you are prepared. That is your first step; your preparation. Your preparation is everything from seating your client, to making sure their hair is ready to be shampooed. 1. Seat your client at the specified workstation, and make sure he/she is comfortable. 2. Ask your client, what services you will be providing him/her. 3. Next, you have to make sure that your hands are properly sanitized. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water. Also make sure to use hand sanitiser. 4. Start getting the client ready for the shampoo. If they have long hair, make sure to pin it up. This will make it much easier when it comes to putting the towel around their neck and the cape. Make sure to drape a towel around their neck which will help protect them from the water. 5. Place the cape around your client by placing it over the towel and fasten it in the back so that the cape does not touch your client. 6. Next you need to grab another towel and drape it over top of the cape, and around your clients next and secure it in the front. This will also help to keep them dry. 7, Remove anything that they may have in their hair.

8. Make sure that your client is not wearing any jewelry such as earrings. Make sure they are also not wearing any glasses. If they are, ask them kindly to remove them. 9. Ask them if they have already washed their hair previously that day. 10. Using the information provided by your client, examine their hair and scalp, to see what kind of shampoo and conditioner to use. 11. Brush their hair. You don’t...
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