Propensity of Broken Families to Prostitution

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The family is said to be the basic unit of the society. In the field of Psychology, the family is indeed an important part of the upbringing of a growing child, for in that timeframe is when early foundations are stabilized, morals are founded, emotions are expanded, and the being of the child is formed and is continually evolving. Concurrently, These foundations are the very fragment that craft what kind of person we are in the concluding years. As stated by Crosson-Tower(1999),The familial member is walked through by the head of the family which is the parents notably during significant changes and through adolescence (p. 34).

If the basis of the quality of upbringing is truly dependent on the family, Supposing a child or the individual is raised under the roof of a dysfunctional family, how does that individually grow? Is it truly growth or an underlying regression of some sort?

According to Crosson-Tower(1999),”Every family faces problems in its day-to-day life. Many are able to overcome them, but those families that cannot conquer their problems cease to function in a manner that encourages the positive growth of their members” (p.34). She elaborated that when the positive growth and functionality of the family comes to a halt most especially the parents, the other members particularly the children comes to a halt as well.

Frequently, These children have a higher tendency of proclivity or leaning towards crimes notably substance abuse/use...
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