Propect of Solar Energy in Malaysia

Topics: Renewable energy, Photovoltaics, Fossil fuel Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: October 1, 2010
The global warming issue has now raised the red alarm. Everywhere are concerning about the global warming and taking appropriate actions to overcome the increasing heat in the world. The US government has also given a hand to the WWF and promoting the importance of it. Actions taken with the collaboration from all over the world are great such as an hour light off, planting trees and so forth. However, the continues growth of economy and advancement of country as lead to a higher climate change with greenhouse gas emissions due to the human population who needed fossil fuels in energy. It’s especially in the urban areas that increase the produce of carbon dioxide. Fortunately, people living in the urban city are concern about the issues being raised, as one does not willing to leave this beautiful world in a blink of eye. Changing the performance of buildings in the city by using renewable energy available is not enough and not efficiency while just based on the construction technology. For the past few years, many planners has write up proposal on the renewable energy sources in the construction side but however there are not enough suitable tools and datasets and case studies on this topic to confirm the renewable energy is possible to work out and the convenient of it is being questioned with no answer. The final lists of renewable sources include solar energy from building’s roof surfaces, hydroelectric energy from existing potable water plant, wood biomass energy from net primary productivity forests and ground-source geothermal energy. Multi-Criteria Analysis has help up in decision making on the potential of energy sustainability at the local scale. Solar energy is the electromagnetic radiance emitted by the sun. The most common type of technology available today in producing solar energy is thermal and photovoltaic solar panels. It can be installed either on the ground or on the roof top of a building or house mainly uses to direct irradiation. Some of...
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