Propaganda Devices

Topics: Propaganda, Bandwagon effect, Emotion Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: February 4, 2013
7 Common Propaganda Devices
1 .Name-calling
This involves the use of words to connect a person or idea to a  negative concept. The aim is to make a person reject something without examining the evidence because of the negative associations attached to it. Examples of words include ‘Terrorist‘, ‘Nazi‘ and ‘Queer’. Name Calling is used as a substitute for arguing the merits of an idea, belief, or proposal. It is often employed using sarcasm and ridicule in political cartoons and writing. 2. Glittering Generalities

The opposite of name-calling, this involves the use of highly valued concepts and beliefs which attract general approval and acclaim. These are vague, emotionally attractive words like ‘freedom‘, ‘honor‘ and ‘love‘. This method works because these concepts/words mean different things to different people, while still having a positive implication. When someone talks to us about democracy, we immediately think of our own definite ideas about democracy, the ideas we learned at home, at school, and in church. Our first and natural reaction is to assume that the speaker is using the word in our sense, that he believes as we do on this important subject. This lowers our ’sales resistance’ and makes us far less suspicious.. 3. Transfer

This is a technique used to carry over the authority and approval of something you respect and revere to something the propagandist would have you accept. One does this by projecting the qualities of an entity, person or symbol to another through visual or mental association. This stimulates the recipient and makes him/her identify with recognized authorities. In the Transfer device, symbols are constantly used. The cross represents the Christian Church. The flag represents the nation. Cartoons like Uncle Sam represent a consensus of public opinion. Those symbols stir emotions. At their very sight, with the speed of light, is aroused the whole complex of feelings we have with respect to church or nation. 4. Testimonial

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