Propaganda and War

Topics: Propaganda, Thích Quảng Đức, Vietnam War Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Part B (I): Comparing two representations

After and during the war, many representations of what happened were published, these representations showed some similarities and some different views on the Vietnam War. During this essay I will discussing the similarities and differences between representation one and two. Representation one is a poster from 1972 created by the committee to encourage not to join the war. This group was formed in 1969 and consisted of professional advertising agency artists and writers who committed themselves to using their skills to “unsell” the war, rather than to sell products. Representation two is from a book called History Investigations: Vietnam war written by John Simkin and was published in 1987, which was over ten years after the war was over.

There are some similarities between the two accounts of the war, in both R1 and R2. Such as, they both deal with the anti-war movement, and show how America was not in favour of the war, supporting the protest and campaign against it. They both show the lack of support of the war. In addition, they both show a lack of support in the middle classes, (students and advertising artists)...

There are quite a few differences between representations one and two. Some of which are more prominent than others. Representation one is an extremely biased view on the Vietnam War. And is a poster (pictorial representation) of Uncle Sam, the aim of the poster is to discourage people joining and supporting the Vietnam War. The poster is an ironic portrayal of the original poster, (which came from World War two and one, to encourage men to enlist) Representation one, is a spoof of the original, with the picture of Uncle Sam ripped, and behind is skeleton of Uncle Sam. This is portraying that usually, the war just ends in death, encouraging people to support the anti-war movement. As the poster was created was in 1972, the anti- war movement was at a...
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