Propaganda and Fear; Both Used as Tools to Gain Power, as the Longing to Create a Naturally Peaceful Society Is No Longer

Topics: United Kingdom, Political corruption, Disease Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 20, 2008
A dystopian society: contains curfew=s, law and fear among all people that keep them from leaving. It crates a fear among people that is none like any other. London=s people looked to the corrupt government for support, but the government lies to keep them in fear. London=s citizen=s became obedient and fearful due to the Chancellor=s propaganda about war, the spread of disease, and discrimination, all used to gain power.

As war surged through London, her citizens were in constant fear as they looked to the government for what would appear to be help, but was the exact opposite. Britain had suffered from war and terrorism due to their assistance in the war on terror, which was spiralling out of control. To the people of Britain, it was an inevitable fate for them to follow curfew, law and stay in fear as the corrupt government overthrew and took over everything, because of this, they will always stay in fear and never leave.

The conservative and openly fascist Norse-fire party led a reactionary purge to restore order; so-called enemies of the state (Muslim, Jews, Homosexuals, Liberals, and common war protesters) disappeared during the night, and were rounded up in massive prison camps where they most of them died in the end. The country was deeply divided over these events until a bio-terrorist attack occurred. Disease had set its course when 80 000 people died. Due to a cure to the virus being created, and the fear generated by the attack, Norse-fire was able to win the next election. However, the attack had actually been engineered by Norse-fire as a plot to gain power. The virus, along with the cure, had been engineered through human experimentation on Asocial deviants@, and enemies of the state, at the prison camps.

Discrimination among Britain was a large concern. Anyone who was of other race, culture, or was a homosexual had been permanently removed from the society. Due to the fact that the government disallowed these people, they stayed in...
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