Topics: Propaganda, World War II, Deception Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: April 16, 2015
Kiran Gowda
Propaganda is the spread of specially selected information to support a cause. It is not important weather the information is right or that it is for a just cause. Over the history propaganda has been used by extensively. It is so powerful that, it made people even give away their lives for someone else’s cause. Numerous governments and people have used propaganda to wage wars (Second World War), come up with insane laws (the current beef ban in India)… Hitler one of the most influential person to have ever walked on earth is supposed to have told: “If you are going to tell a lie, don’t tell a little one because it will be recognized as a lie. Tell the biggest and most unthinkable lie. Keep on telling it and people will think it must be truth and believe it.” He went further and concluded: “The greater the lie the more effective it is as a weapon.” Obviously propaganda should be bad, right? But still a lot of political personalities and propagandists swear that men are incapable of making intelligent decisions for their own and rely on emotional sentiments.  The most well known political scientist Harrold D.Lasswell mentioned in his book that: "The modern propagandist, like the modern psychologist, recognizes that men are often poor judges of their own interests, flitting from one alternative to the next without solid reason or clinging timorously to the fragments of some rock of ages."

Edward Bernay father of propaganda and public relations who made Thomas alva Edison to be the inventor of light bulb went even further, saying that “propaganda is necessary for democracy to thrive.” The surprising fact is that only propaganda leading to bad karma is termed as propaganda. We should also know that propaganda is very effective when it is in the best interest of the receiver, as was the case of post WWI Germany (After the WWI the restrictions on Germany were hindering Germany’s growth.). Recently I came across an amendment in the defense...
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