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Propaganda Rough Draft

George Orwell's Animal Farm is a story of a pure propaganda. Propaganda is a recurring

theme and technique seen and used by characters in the book. Animal Farm is an allegory that focuses on communist revolution in Russia. Convincing and Propaganda were effective in Animal Farm because of glittering generalities, fear, and name calling.

To begin with, the use of glittering generalities significantly effected the opinions of animals. For example when Squealer said “ Vote for Napoleon and the full manger”(46) that way he trying to stir up their favorable emotions and their needs. In addition he covers up the fact that manger is never going to happen, but Napoleon needs votes in order to win election. Also when Squealer manages to convince the animals that where as they remember Snowball fighting heroically at the Battle of Cowshed he was in fact on the other side. He does this by telling them that the pigs have found secret documents proving it, but what they do not know is that Napoleon wrote these documents. Another example is when the animals became upset because they are always hungry. Squealer starts reading them every Sunday from long strips of papers, telling them that the production of every type of food on farm has increased by two, three, or even five hundred percent. Only because the can not read, Squealer seeks to make them approve and accept without examining the evidence.

Furthermore, fear is another way that animals were effected. For instance Squealer often threatened the animals with slogan such as “Surely you do not want Jones to come back”. By saying this Squealer makes animals to give up their milk, apple, and eggs just because they are afraid. Also when pigs discover a store of whiskey a few days earlier and consumed it. They did not show up for work the next morning. Napoleon decreed “Drinking alcohol will be punished by death” because he does not want them to under mind his authority. Another way...
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