Proof of Not Gulity Verdict on SVU Episode "Doubt"

Topics: Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson, Rape Pages: 3 (1298 words) Published: November 25, 2013
As a juror for the case of Myra Denning v. Ron Polikoff, I consider it my responsibility to make sure that I chose a fair verdict for Mr. Polikoff based upon the evidence presented during this trial. Therefore, for one count of Rape in the First degree, I chose the verdict of not guilty for the defendant, Mr. Ron Polikoff for the following reasons.

On the night of the presumed rape, Ron Polikoff, a Professor at City Arts College got in contact with one of his Grad students, Myra Denning, in regards to discussing her final portfolio. Mr. Polikoff had every intention of setting up a time and place to meet with Ms. Denning, but was soon forced to change that because Ms. Denning showed up at his doorstep late at night wearing a sexy, silk teddy and holding her portfolio. At this point, Mr. Polikoff then had no choice but invite Ms. Denning into his house and figured he would review her portfolio then since she just showed up. Mr. Polikoff open a single bottle of wine because he said it tends to relax people. However, before Mr. Polikoff even had a chance to review any of Ms. Denning’s work, she leaned in and began kissing him. Mr. Polikoff enjoyed the nice kiss however, Ms. Denning began to make him feel. Then, before Mr. Polikoff even knew what was going on, found himself in bed with Ms. Denning. Ms. Denning told him she wanted it to be rough and if he wasn’t as rough as she wanted it, she would use physical means to make it do it how she wants. This left behind marks and bruises. He followed what Ms. Denning said because he “just wanted to get it over with”. However, a short time later after she leaves, cops arrive because Ms. Denning broke a taxi’s rear windshield with a wine bottle. At this point, Ms. Denning chose to accuse Mr. Ron Polikoff of a Rape he did not commit.

As valid as the Prosecution’s argument may seem, we have to remember that Ms. Denning is and untruthful person and the actions committed by her just go to prove that. For...

Cited: "Doubt." Law & Order: SVU. WNBC-TV, 2006. Television.
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