proof for gods existence

Topics: Existence, Universe, God Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: October 10, 2013
‘There is no proof that god exists’

‘There is no proof that god exists’; yet conversely there is no proof that god does not exist.

Atheists are most likely to say that ‘there is no proof that god exists’. But the thing is they have no proof that he doesn’t exist and so it is a false statement, atheists may say that theists have no proof that he does exist, but some theists say that they have had a religious encountering with god and so that is how we know god is real. Some people believe that god doesn’t exist because if he did then why are there all these bad things in happening in the world like wars and murdering? Most people imagine good to be loving and kind, but if he does exist why are all these bad things happening? St Thomas Aquinas stated that god does exist. Most people believe that the world was created by the big bang but some people believe that god created it. St Thomas stated that ‘the first cause; (god) uncaused by anything existing before it, the cause of the cause, the cause of the big bang, the big bang that caused the universe, the universe.’ This says that god caused the big bang which caused the universe. But what created god, how do we know that there was nothing before god? Nobody has proof that god made the universe or the big bang! William Paley believed god existed by relating gods existence to the design and purpose of a watch. The watch had a maker so the universe too must have had a maker and that designer was god. Nothing came about by chance.....However this does not.... In the same way that a watch was designed to tell the time, so the universe using the words design and purpose of a watch to prove the existence of god by saying that like a watch the universe had to have a designer and that the universe had to as well and that god is the designer. He also said that the purpose of the universe is so that we can live and the purpose of the watch is so that we can tell the time. But how do we know that the big bang didn’t...
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