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Founded in 1969 by the Ventola Family, Porcini’s Inc. flourished in Boston’s North End, and then expanded to 23 other locations in the region. Porcini’s distinct Italian family-feel and consistent standard of high quality service and food at each full service chain restaurant granted Porcini’s staying power for many years, even thriving in the face of recession. Their fresh ingredients and artful presentations differentiated them from other Italian food chains, and Porcini’s was continuously celebrated by regional publications. In 2010, Porcini’s owners and investors were looking for a way to leverage their successful brand, which led to the inception of Porcini’s Pronto. Porcini’s Pronto key features include locations along interstate highway exits, while maintaining their food and service standards, although it will feature an abbreviated menu. Given the proper execution, this fast food and dine in chain concept can yield exponential growth and establish brand recognition in the long run. The owners are considering franchising, syndication, or remaining company operated at each Porcini’s Pronto; each method of expansion has their respective pros and cons. Problem Statement

What is the best method of expansion for Porcini’s Inc. to ensure growth of the business 5% annually through 2018, that will still allow them to keep their core standards? Analysis
With branching off into this new venture, Porcini’s will have to evaluate the competition in the various restaurant segments. The restaurant industry in the U.S consist of three segments: First segment is Fast food restaurants. Fast food restaurants consist of snack bars, cafeterias, buffets and restaurants where customers pay for food before it is consumed. There are over 300,000 outlets in this segment generating around $184 billion in revenues with a profit margin of 3.5%. This type of restaurant is likely used throughout the USA due to our fast paced lifestyles. It is the easiest way to get a quick bite to eat on the road. Second segment is single location full service restaurant. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and can be a formal or casual setting. They are normally family owned and operated, in which servers cater to the customers and allow customers to pay after consuming their meals. This service is similar to the service offered at Porcini’s. There are about 200,000 outlets in this segment generating profits of $5.8 billion. The third segment is the full service chain restaurants that provide an extensive amount of food concepts. These restaurants do have servers as well and customers are allowed to pay after eating, operated nationwide or regional. Implementing the Pronto Concept requires focus on certain key features such as locations at interstate highway exits, quality food and service with faster turnover of tables and limited wine selection. Below is a SWOT analysis of implementing Pronto’s concept, listing possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from this concept.

When it comes to understanding the options in which Porcini’s has available to them, it is vital that we discuss the SWOT analysis in order to accurately map out anything that could cause the brand to fail in this new environment. The strengths in which Porcini’s obtains include quality food and service, reasonable prices for traveling customers, award-winning chef’s creating recipes, and a strong management team behind them. The weakness of this brand creating this branch in their company is their lack of brand recognition. If Porcini’s had a high brand recognition, it would be easier for them to branch out into this new market, customers would try the new faster options merely because of the name it holds. Threats in which Porcini’s faces include a high risk for failure, added competition, and the possibility of ruining the brand as a whole. And last but not least, the opportunity that Porcini’s has includes options for growth and...
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