Prompt: Without Close and Supportive Relationships, We Can Often Feel Isolated.

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Amish, Family Pages: 4 (1169 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The feeling of isolation directly detaches an individual from the winsome pursuit of a stable self-esteem. The absence of support from family and friends inhibits the qualities of human compassion that a person would otherwise develop to possess. Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ depicts that after physiological and safety needs are satisfied, the need for belonging must be evident in order for a personal self-esteem to be acquired. Our identity constitutes of a shifting phase of learning about self belonging, but we can only successfully grasp the concepts through an ongoing supportive relationship with others. Whether these relationships are with members of our family or people who we consider friends – the helping hand they lend us through times of need assists in the shaping of our character and prevent a feeling of isolation from taking over our mentality.

The nature of isolation holds no benefits for the individual. The lack of close relationships disallows an individual to view life in a positive manner. In Peter Weir’s film “Witness”, John Book only held a close and personal relationship with his sister, Elaine, before he met Rachael. He was obsessed with his job and had let it take over his life. This is evident when Elaine tells him to get married and have children ‘instead of trying to be a father of [hers]’. Having a lack of close relations meant that he was feeling isolated but he chose to avert his attention to his job instead. When Book develops a personal bond with Rachael, he starts to appreciate himself – he was finally coming out of his isolated shell. The experiences Book salvaged from living with the Amish eventually allowed him to break free from the isolated state of mind he had been enclosed in.

Furthermore, John Book was isolated from both the police force and the Amish community due to the lack of relations he held with them both. He had lost his connection with the police force when he learnt that it was riddled with the corruption...
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