Promotional Strategies of Launching a New Intranet System

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Promotional Strategies
Launch of New Intranet System
We are all getting excited about the launch of our new Intranet system. It has been six months in the making, and our hard work and dedication is soon to be revealed. Though our job isn’t finished with initial development, we must now ensure that all relevant personnel at Pizza Man is ready and on board for this innovative opportunity. Promoting this system is very important in the acceptance and implementation by all staff members. Pre-Launch

We already have full support from top management, and the IT Department has been on board the whole way; they have been a huge part in development. With management support, we can ensure strategic goals are met and the correct capabilities are implemented into this system. We have recently released a ‘teaser’ video to all stores showing staff members an overview of the capabilities of the system and the benefits it will have. This video was concluded with the announcement of a naming competition, encouraging staff to get involved in the making of the system. The winner will receive a Tasting Australia Travel Package for two, so they can taste the wondrous Australian flavours that Pizza Man has incorporated into our selection of toppings. The winner has been chosen by vote from management and will be announced two weeks before launch. We plan to make a request to the graphics department to design posters and other promotional items (balloons, t-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, stationary, etc.) which will be distributed to all stores three weeks before launch. During the last week before launch, an email will be sent out daily to remind staff of the exciting new system and the benefits it will bring to them, this will act as the countdown to launch. Launch

On the day of launch, a morning-tea will be held at a venue local to Headquarters, all managers and stakeholders will be invited to attend. There will be balloons and posters displayed throughout the venue and a...
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