Promotional Mix

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Explain what promotional Mix is and what each thing does.

Promotion mix elements are advertising, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing. Promotion mix is when a company’s promotion strategy focuses on more than one element, so the challenge is to integrate these different communication tools in an effective way. To be sure promotion mixes works with the overall marketing mix, thereby combining elements of promotion with place, price, and product to position the firm’s offering in peoples minds. Promotion mix is broken down into three parts Mass Appeals (advertising, sales promotion, and public relations), Personal Appeals (personal selling and direct marketing), and Buzz Appeals (word of mouth).

- Mass Appeals
Advertising is nonpersonal communication from an identified sponsor using the mass media. Advertising can establish and reinforce a distinctive brand identity. That helps marketers bond with customers and boost sales. Advertising can also be very expensice, so firms must ensure that their messages are effective. Adversiting is the highest extent of marketers control over communication.

Sales promotions includes programs such as contests, coupons, or other incentives that marketers design to build intrested in or encourage purchases of a product during a specified period. Sales promotion provide retailers with incentives to support brands, and build excitement for retailers and consumers. Side effects of sales promotions is that it doesn’t focus on brand loyality, and the number of competing promotions may make it hard to break through the promotional clutter.

Public relations is a communication activites that create or maintain a positive image of a firm and its products. Public relations is relatively has low cost and has high credibility. The effects on public relations is that it is a poor message control, which means it has no gurrantee that message will even reach the target. This makes it...
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