promotional mix

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Element of the promotional mix for innocent smoothies may include this such as: Advertising is used to communicate with the public about their products and services, this can be expensive and businesses must ensure that they spend their advertising budget carefully methods include: moving image, print, ambient such as advertising on buses, digital and audio. Sales promotion is used to encourage customers to purchase your products or for distribution channels to stock your goods .methods are: price promotion (discounts), coupons, competitions, money refunds, loyalty incentives. Personal selling is when a representative of the company interacts directly with a potential customer using skills called closing a sale. Methods are: face to face, telephone, email, and video or web conferencing. Public relations are activities a business carries out to place information in the media without paying for it directly activities might include: exhibitions, sponsorship and press relations Direct marketing is when a business communicates directly with a customer, establishing an individual relationship between the business and the customer, methods are: direct mail, mail order catalogue, magazines and telemarketing. Advertising is used by innocent most effectively than other methods of the promotional mix, methods of advertising they use is they have links with popular children’s websites such as ‘club penguin’ , Innocent also put adverts on the TV. Another method of advertising Innocent use is that they sell magnets along with their smoothies this is effective as it appeals to their target audience. Innocent use advertising most effectively out of the promotional mix as they appeal to their target audience. Innocent use advertising as they are a new company who need recognition so their TV adverts are memorable and funny and they show their personality this links to matching their target audience well with how they advertise. Innocent use sales promotion effectively as...
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