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Topics: Marketing, Computer software, Marketing research Pages: 48 (10602 words) Published: January 17, 2010


1. Executive Summary 5-6 2. Brief History and Introduction 7-11 Of the company

3. Plan of Research 12-36

4. Research Methodology 37-44

5. Data collection & Data 45-57 Analysis

6. Conclusion 58

7. Suggestions 59

8. Bibliography 60

9. Annexure 61-63


The objective of the project was to find out the different sales promotional strategies in software industry. Software industry got the research carried out to find what the current trends are in the market and what the competitors’ playing. Also, market share of different player of the software industry was to be found and the recommendations to increase the market share for each individual player of software industry globally were to be given. The purpose of the study is to find out the market potential of different software player compared to other industry. Specifically, the research objectives are to: • Gauge the consumer sentiment on the various sales promotional strategies provided by the various software industry players. • Identify areas of improvement on the various services provided by the industry. • Determine the type of promotional strategies needed by the consumers. • Identify the important and attractive attributes in services to retain the existing consumers. • Determine the type of selling parameters most popular with the consumer. • Identify the important characteristics that make the software company attractive to buy their product. • Gather and analyze the future aspirations of the customers with respect to the software. • Rank and evaluate the relative importance the various players’ parameters associated with the software industry.

For this purpose a primary research was conducted in the region of New Delhi and NCR regions. The target consumers were various educational institutes, CAs and accountants. The total field work was done for 15 days in which a total sample size of 100 consumers was covered. For the purpose of this research it was absolutely imperative for us to find out what the consumers want from their industry. It was also necessary to find out the consumer’s profile, i.e. his age, monthly income, occupation and sex. This required us to get a detailed questionnaire filled by the concerned person. All the analysis in the report is drawn out of these questionnaires. For carrying out the competitor analysis further help was taken from industry websites and journals. This research will provide software industry with information like the current market share of different players and also a detailed analysis of the services offered by other players and what are the most important criteria for selecting a particular software industry player. The software industry can also get data on prospective customers by designing its product offerings and marketing strategy in a way so as to attract more clients in the near future.


WEBTEL ELECTROSOFT PVT. LTD is a company engaged in providing complete software and knowledge process outsourcing solutions and a...
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