Promotion of the Olympia Games

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The Olympic Games were created in Ancient Greece sometime during the year 776 BC. These games were athletic events that we there to display the strength and power that an athlete had. However now, the Olympics are participated in by people all over the world and not just Greek men. Women and people from different races are now all competing in the Olympic Games. However many new factor are seen in these new modern Olympic Games that people watch today many things like equality, unity, and competing against political rivals are what is now seen a lot in the modern day Olympic Games with many factors shaping the games that we now watch today.

Many people from all over the world now watch and play in the Olympic Games. As opposed to what was happening in Greece in the year 776 BC now so many other people play in the Games that are not Greek, people from Nigeria and America and Russia compete in the games and that is what the world wants the game to inspire. According to Pierre de Coubertin “there are those who are called ‘utopians’ because they speak of the disappearance of war, but there are others who speak of the reductions of the chances of war.” While the Olympics do not stop all wars from happening these games are here not to stop wars but to promote a sense of unity between nations. This is proven by the Soviet Union’s Olympic Organizing Committee when they stated that they were chosen to be the stage of the 1980 Olympic Games as a result of a peaceful foreign policy that they had intact at the time. As you can see the Olympic were already making countries even less likely to cause wars as they allowed the Soviet to have the Olympics only because they had a new peace policy. As seen unity is now an essential part of the Olympics.

Another main factor of the Olympics is the sense of equality. The Olympics give the sense that no one is better than anyone else and it has been proven to be true. In the picture by Sybil Newall you can see the picture of a...
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