Promoting the Perceptional Image for Umniah Mobile Company

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Promoting the perceptional image for Umniah mobile company by Ameer Omari Note: The following is a brief rebranding perspective to alter and promote Umniah’s Brand identity and brand repositioning.

Understanding Brand Positions
About competitors

The best approach to start resetting brand values to any certain organization is to understand the brand values of competitors (in this case Zain and Orange).And straight away, Zain is the most valuable brand among the three companies in the Jordanian market. We can refer this success to the broad channels that Zain engages its clients in, that delivers an effective customer experience and respectively generates brand loyalty. I will use Zain later in few comparisons with Umniah to outline or clarify certain issues in this brief rebranding proposal, and exclude Orange from it, for one reason, is that I don’t want to compare such brand that cannot rectify itself from the drawbacks of associating its brand with governmental backgrounds.

About Umniah

Since its launch, Umniah faced major problems in terms of technicality and quality of service. This generated another major problem that is, “The perceptional image for serving a cheap kind of service, and targeting the “lowest paid” segment.”Umniah remained on this position for 7 years and still on it now days, regardless of its attempts to promote the brand by associating it with other added valued brands, such as Play99.6, sponsoring Cirque du Soleil and Zaid Dirani, apparently to target a higher segment to earn more postpaid subscribers that earn the company a much profitable status. Yet, aligned with what’s mentioned above are minor issues that can’t be discarded, in terms of graphic branding, that needs to be more visual and more affluent.

The below figure can sum up the majors and minors that needs to be altered by Umniah.

GSM frequent drop in connection

Perceptional Image for serving cheap kind of service



Color Naming

A strategic Branding plan should be built in order to tackle the above, especially the “Perceptional image”, yet the “drop in connection” is a highly technical issue and clearly a tall order on Umniah.

The Proposed Branding plan, targets three levels in improving the corporate image:

1. Packaging

2.Architectural branding and visual merchandising



The integration between those three, forms the deliverables that build a strong and consistent brand, an asset for growth & prosperity, and when I say deliverables I mean:     Corporate Culture. Logotype. Stores External and Internal Design. Shops Furniture’s Design (desks, benches, sofas, products displays).

     

Customers Journeys Design. Marketing Communication Material. Employees Communication Material. Vehicle Fleet. Corporate Papers. Website.

So what is the best brand Identity that Umniah should embrace?, this is a highly sensitive issue, because switching identities can be misleading and causes brand inconsistency and also generates confusion. The suggested Identity that should be embraced is Trend. Being trendy or a trendy brand, progresses the mindset far from being trivial (Umniah’s Identity).

Trend usually occurs in Fashion Technology business

We’ll call the above the new brand identity elements that will form Umniah’s new corporate culture which respectively targets a new major market segment for Umniah. Perhaps the most effective element is fashion, especially when it’s deeply associated with the word trend. Associating fashion with a mobile company is a huge challenge and for some if not all, it will sound off the charts. Fashion is the product of the modern age; it refers to a distinctive habitual trend in a look and dress up of a person, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior.


The Logo is a critical aspect of brand identity, it’s intended to be the face of the company, and it’s highly considered the chief visual component of a...
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