Promoting Communication

Topics: Sign language, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 13 (3742 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Identify the different reasons why people communicate

As a support worker my main aim is to interact with customers, colleagues, and other members of the public. I need to understand the many subtle forms of communicating so I can meet my customer’s needs and the expectations of my colleagues. It is important therefore that I have a range of skills and understand when certain skills might be appropriate or beneficial: - * sign language

* Touch
* Electronic
* Record information so it can be passed on
* Facial expressions
* Body language
* Eye contact
* Speech
* Tone of voice
* PECS (picture exchange communication system)
* Needs- wants – wishes – protesting
* Pain – discomfort
* Information sharing
* Socialising
* Acknowledging – listening – agreeing ex. nodding, smiling 1.2
Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting

Good communication is important to people’s needs to express themselves, if communication breaks down relationships can be affected and the trust broken. Also customer’s wellbeing such as physical and emotional needs may be negatively affected as their needs and wishes cannot be met. The type of communication setting in the workplace is vital for the smooth running of the work setting as well as the wellbeing of the customer.

Each and every person must be able to feel they are respected with their views and contributions valued. This is vital to build trust and gaining an understanding amongst staff, customers and outside agencies. In order to share and organise the workload and arrange precise communication is vital-this will maintain a happy environment towards the same outcomes.

When I think of an effective working relationship I ensure that I make my colleagues feel valued and respected. I always keep appointments and arrangements that I make and if for any reason I cannot I always ensure they have plenty of notice to re-arrange

(Yvonne Nolan Health & Social Care)
July 2012

Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individual

Good communication is vital in establishing any relationship and in providing support and trust with people. There are many ways you can communicate other than direct speech and when we do speak to others we more often than not use other methods without realising it – non-verbal communication this is the use of gestures ,facial expressions ,eye contact and body language. To be an effective communicator you need to understand one’s own an others non-verbal behaviour. We need to think about gestures, tones of voice, eye contact, facial expressions, and posture and muscle tension as these can all alter the understanding of what you want to put across. Most people will think you are interested in what they have to say if you are interested in what they have to say if you sit facing them in a relaxed (not slouchy) position, leaning forward slightly and make eye contact and yet they will get negative feelings if you turn away from them and have folded arms and legs and do not make eye contact. (Yvonne Nolan Health & Social Care)

July 2012
Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication.

The factors to consider when promoting effective communication is not only what we say but the way we use our facial expressions, what our body posture says, our gestures and eye contact. These are all aspects of how we interact and are examples of communication everyone understands and are therefore very effective ways to communicate. The tone we use when we speak, our mood, our facial expression and stance. The use of If we invade someone’s personal space they may feel uncomfortable, possibly even threatened and not want to listen or be near you. The space between people, during communication, Means different things in different cultures. For men to hug and kiss each other on...
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