Promoting Child and Young Person Development

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UNIT 2 Promote Child and Young Person Development

1. Assessing the development need of children or young people and preparing development plans 1.1. Explain the factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development There are a number of factors to consider when carrying out observations. You must take into account the child’s wishes in regards to what they want to do, how they feel emotionally, their ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as their linguistic capabilities. These are important aspects when making attempts to observe and understand how the YP acts and figuring out what triggers associated behaviour. Physical disabilities and specific requirements need to be acknowledged in order to meet every YP’s individual needs. When assessing the development of a child you need to take confidentiality into account. You must not leave any sensitive information regarding a child or young person, lying around as this would make their personal information easily accessible for anyone that may not be cleared to view it. Confidential documents and information must be secured and locked in the filing cabinet. Confidentiality can be broken and disclosure warranted only if there is a risk against the YP’s safety and well being. If the information contained within observation reports is not accurate, this can harm the child’s development. It is beneficial to have two members of staff observing the child at the same time as this can produce a more accurate picture and minimises the possibilities of judgemental accounts being taken into consideration when compiling observation reports.

1.2. Assess a child or young person’s development in the following areas: Physical – Does the young person have any disabilities or impairments that may cause disruption to their every day way of living, then devise solutions to ways that may make their life, easier to lead. Communication – Does the YP communicate verbally or non-verbally? If the YP is verbal, what is their level of understanding and if they are non-verbal, figure out ways how staff can effectively communicate with the YP – Such as sign language or picture cards. Intellectual/Cognitive – Does the YP have difficulties processing information and/or prompts? If so, then staff will need to figure out the best way forward when communicating and deciding the level of support the YP may need. Social, Emotional and Behavioural – Staff will need to assess any behaviour that may or may not be associated with their conditions, whether the YP has trouble expressing themselves and assess their level of social skills to effectively assist in integrating them into society. Moral – Assess the YP understands of the difference between right and wrong and then compile action plans in order to help the YP understand moral issues.

Example of Assessment of YP in my setting:
Name: A**** G********
DOB: 00/00/03
Gender: Male
AG is a 12 year old male, diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. AG obtained his placement at Norfolk House due to an increase in behaviour associated with his condition, causing a break down in relationship with his previous carers and his primary carers being at their “physical and emotional limits". It is believed that AG’s heightened showing of negative behaviour is due to him reaching the age of puberty. AG has been described as Non-verbal: During this time of assessment, AG has shown that he is able to understand what is being said to him, but needs time to let what is said, sink in. AG has also shown that he is able to state clearly what he wants and is also able to respond to simple questions – Staff Actions: Staff, are to continue helping AG in the development of his speech and verbal functionality. Staff, are to continue asking questions and engage AG in conversation at every opportunity. AG may also benefit with the use of picture cards. AG is Intelligent and enjoys reading: AG has shown that he enjoys reading and will read almost anything from books to...
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