Promoting Alcohol on Tv

Topics: Advertising, Alcoholic beverage, Alcopop Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: January 25, 2009
Promoting alcohol on TV.

There are different types of advertisement for alcohol.
There is the exclusive stuff like Hennessey, Champaign or good old vines, that canvass costumers of the higher classes that are able to pay the expensive prices. Their message in advertisement is lifestyle, exclusivity, status. With their kind of advertisement they can raise the prices to make a great profit.

Another is the traditional stuff like Jack Daniels, Liqueur or some sorts of bear. They advertise with their long tradition and the knowledge that result from that. They want to say that they must be good otherwise they weren’t still selling their product and that even our grandparents and parents do drink their product.

And there is the party stuff like Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezer, Martini and all these mixed drinks you can find at the dance clubs. The communicated messages in advertisements for that kind of alcohol like - social acceptance

- friendship
- fun
- sexuality
are especially important to young people and do influence them a lot. That is also the main problem of alcohol in advertisement, the majority of the alcohol advertisements were targeted at young people, because the showed scenes – dancing, clubbing, lively music, wild activities - identified with young people. The teenagers interpreted alcohol advertisements as suggesting that alcohol is a gateway to social and sexual success and that the branding could meet their needs by adding aspiration and coolness. young people think that if they drink a lot than they will have fun and be accepted and if they don’t they will be outsiders.

This opens the question to what extent young people are influenced by alcohol in advertisements and if they must be protected. The Government has do deal with these problems and find a solution whether to prohibit them or not. On the one hand they have to protect the youth and on the other hand they have to create fair conditions at the market.

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