promote proffesional development

Topics: Personal development, Professional development, Management Pages: 7 (2640 words) Published: June 14, 2014
Continually improving your knowledge and practice is important in any job, and in fact, in all areas of your life, but it holds particular importance within a Health and Care setting. This is because we are service orientated, the product that is being sold/delivered, is essentially the people working within it. The standard of care that they deliver has a direct influence on the success of the company. I often tell our caregivers that they are ‘the face of Home Instead’ they are the ones out there providing the care, and our reputation, standards and overall success is heavily dependent on the care that they provide. Therefore, their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is key to the success of the organisation. It would be foolish to believe that putting caregivers through Induction training, and then the mandatory annual training updates; in order to tick all the boxes required by CQC, would be adequate. There needs to be a change in culture, as manager I aim to promote this change within Home Instead. Due to time restraints and lack of resources I am fully aware that we could do more with the staff, including myself, with regards to CPD, I have written my own Personal Development Plan (PDP) and included the objective of implementing more CPD for all staff. We will become a ‘learning organisation’ by making it part of everyday life, then the burden of finding the time is less as it becomes integrated in the way people work and not just a task or a chore that they have to do. It is called Continued Professional Development because it is an ongoing process; there is always room for improvement. McGill and Beaty (1995) said; “CPD is the nurturing of an attitude to life and work which promotes a responsible, creative and proactive approach”. Megginson and Whitaker (2007) more recently defined it as; “CPD is a process by which individuals take control of their own learning and development, by engaging in an on-going process of reflection and action” this view is more about the individual taking more responsibility for their own CPD rather than ‘nurturing’ an attitude. The first quote in my opinion is about guiding them to be more responsible, creative and proactive whereas the second quote is about an actual process of reflecting and ‘doing’ in order to achieve, putting more pressure on the individual to ‘own it’. Megginson and Whitaker (2007) have also been quoted saying; “CPD can be empowering and exciting and can stimulate people to achieve their aspirations and move towards their dreams”. This quote is full of passion for CPD, it is not just about continuing to develop to stay on top of your job but to grow, achieve more, fulfil yourself in life. Most companies and organisations have a vision, and this aspiration can only be achieved if all members of staff are continually improving knowledge and practice. The values and standards of the organisation should be linked in to the CPD. The professional development plan must be designed in a way that it will meet the challenges that are likely to be faced. Planned development in this way can focus on specific objectives that are relevant, and will contribute to the success of the business; it can identify areas of development that are relevant to supporting the carers. Continually developing, and through that improving knowledge and skills, can help to ensure that you are providing the best possible service to the clients, caregivers and families. For me CPD is important for a number of reasons and I expect I am not alone. After attending a training course, or another source of CPD I feel empowered, I notice a change in myself and a shift in my attitude and way of thinking. I’ll come across something in my working day that came up in the course and actively apply my new knowledge, improving my practice. It is important to me because I don’t want to become stagnant, it helps to maintain competence, I want to ‘work my way up the ladder’ and professional development is...
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