Promote Professional Development

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It is important to continually strive to improve our knowledge and the way we practice, this can be applied to personal or professional goals. Developing our potential, will enhance our work role and promote our talents. It enhances our lives and contributes to achieving our dreams and aspirations

Continued professional development is important, and it’s not just about attending training courses. It about promoting a culture for learning, with work based learning at the centre of this. In order to meet the needs of its service users.

This enables staff to keep up-to-date with current legislation, care standards it expands their knowledge, and helps the meet their full potential, it promotes a culture of lifelong learning It enables them to carry out their work roles as per their job role/ description in a safe and competent manner. It keeps staff motivated, and feels valued.

The GSCC code of practice states that all social care employers must provide training to enable staff to develop their skills and knowledge. CPD helps to raise standards of care, which is very important to comply with current standards and legislation and also meet the needs and aspirations of the users of the service and for employers have a competent workforce.

CPD benefits the employer, the employee and the services users that they support, better knowledge leads to better practice, to deliver a high quality service, that is accountable

To promote professional development, we also need to look at the potential barriers that can occur, when trying to promote staff development/ implement change. These can be things such as lack of understanding of why we need to change or develop. It can emotional barriers that staff fear the activity, or fear being judged, age can also be a barrier, staff think that they are getting older and don’t wish to develop further/coming to the end of their working life.

Financial barriers/ budget restraints can be barriers, so looking at...
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