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1. Name three types of meetings and their purposes, and identify three ways that a meeting can be conducted.



General Meetings

direction of a company,
among clients, staffs,
vendors and heads of

conducted face-to-face,
by teleconference, by
video conference or

Staff team
Annual General


Discussing a particular Meetings
subject by bringing to conducted face-to-face,
many people together.
by teleconference, by
video conference or

Public Meetings

Public meeting
conducted if there is a
specific purpose that
needs open discussion
and info sharing

conducted face-to-face,
by teleconference, by
video conference or

2. Why is it important to identify the meeting type, purpose and requirements prior to holding the meeting?
Good planning and preparation are required for a meeting to run effectively. So first of all it is important to identify the meeting type because the type of meeting that is required to achieve the purpose. Defining the purpose of meeting becomes who needs to be at the meeting and what the agenda needs to be. Another important thing is identifying the requirements through the meeting can be arranged according to these requirements.

3. What are three ways to communicate a proposed meeting time and place to employees?
It is important to ask participants to submit the meeting and to let the time and place. Participants are communicated of the meeting time and place through a meeting invitation sent through e-mail, formal notice of meeting, the meeting agenda and other supporting materials.

4. Why is it necessary to advise participants of the meeting details? It is necessary to advice participants of the meeting details at least two days prior the meetings. So that participants can organize themselves to attend the meeting and they can make preparation to present.

5. What types of documents are prepared prior to a meeting? Documents are prepared according to types of meeting. For instance, large meetings often require considerable amounts of documentation to be produced and distributed to participants while smaller meetings may require only minimal. Participants also need to ensure that the documentations are to be distributed in hard or soft copy. 6. Why is it important to send the agenda and any relevant documents to the participants prior to the meeting commencing?

The agenda lists the details of the meeting, including the items to be discussed, the order in which they will be discussed, who is responsible for facilitating the discussion of that point and how much time has been allocated to the discussion as a whole. That`s way it is important to let participants know about all details of agenda at least one week prior to the meeting.

7. Would you also prepare a spare set of meeting minutes, agenda, and relevant documents for the meeting? Why is this important?
Prepare a spare set of meeting minutes, agenda, and relevant documents for the meeting must be prepared by minute takers. For example, it is a good idea to take a spare pen just in case your pen runs out of ink because there is no time to get another one during the meeting. Minute takers must not miss any seconds of meeting.

8. What is the purpose of recording the minutes of meetings? Records are useful for people who could not attend to understand what occurred at the meeting and also useful for record actions that are to be taken after the meeting and who responsible for those actions.

9. Is it important to distribute the meeting minutes to all participants once the meeting has finished? What is an acceptable timeframe to send out the meeting minutes? It is important to distribute the meeting minutes to all participants if the minutes contain action then they must be...
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